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image of carved monument

image of bullet riddled bunker

Iwo Jima August 1965
First Iwo Jima Monument carved by Mr. Waldon T. Rich, a member of the 31st SEABEEs' attached to the 5th Marine Division. Location is on Northeastern end of island.You can read all about Mr. Rich's rock carving and see images relating to this historical monument at:
Waldon T. Rich

Iwo Jima August 1965
Inside one of the many Japanese bunkers. Looking into doorway which has been sprayed by maching gun bullets during invasion.


image of Surbichi at night

image of inside crater

Iwo Jima November 1965
Mt. Suribachi by moonlight. Image was taken from near my barracks on air force installation.

Iwo Jima September 1965
Crater of Mt. Surbachi. Image is taken inside of crater and looking towards west.


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